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Our team of experienced tradesmen can take care of all your domestic and commercial needs, such as electrical, solar, air-conditioning and plumbing requirements. We guarantee cost-effective, quality solutions tailored to your individual expectations.

Pace Electrical Group Sydney

Pace Group has been at the forefront of solar panel installations in Australia for over 10 years. This renewable energy solution is perfect for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, add value to a home or business, save money on electricity bills, and reduce overall energy consumption.

Our experienced staff have worked nationally, supplying integrated solar solutions to commercial and residential clients. We provide a free measure and quote on solar panel systems using our internal staff, who will then carry out the installation and follow-up. This negates the risk of miscommunication between parties, which can happen when using external contractors.

The Australian Federal and State Governments have offered a number of incentives and rebates for people who purchase and install solar panels.

You can check if you’re eligible via these links:

For households and small businesses:
Small Scale Generation Certificates


Feed in Tariffs are a payment you get by generating excess electricity, which is fed back into the grid. Click your state to see if you’re eligible:

If you would like to discuss your options, simply call Pace Group on 0417 417 758

George from Arc Energy:

“Pace Group has worked with us on multiple solar and lighting installations over the past 3 years. We only work with a small group of trusted installers, and Pace Group is one of them. They make our job easier, have great attention to detail and have never let us down!”